Looking for a new apartment in BK? New York has the most competitive housing market out there, but don’t sweat it. We have everything you need to know to start your search and begin the process of moving in!

Whether you are looking well in advance or just last minute, give us a call and we can make it happen.

Housing Requirements

Proof of Income. Know that in New York, landlords generally require that tenants make a salary of at least 40 times the monthly rent (this includes the sum of any roommates/partners that are on the lease). If any tenant cannot meet this requirement, Guarantors are usually also accepted unless specified otherwise (Guarantors will need to make 80 times the monthly rent to qualify).

Employment Status. Landlords want to know you have a job and it’s steady! Ask your boss for an employment letter stating your position, how long you’ve been there, and annual income. That’s it!

Tax Returns. This isn’t always required, but be prepared to show them if need be. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity just because of a filing mishap.

Credit Check. We provide credit checks for $25. This applies to ALL tenants that will be on the lease, and it is non-refundable.

Other Fees. Here at BrooklynBase, we DO NOT believe in excessive or hidden fees. There are no other application fees to worry about besides the credit check.

Deposits. It’s customary to put down a deposit during the application process so the landlord knows you are serious. This money will be held for approximately 2-5 business days while applicants are evaluated. This is 100% refundable in the event you do not receive the apartment.

How to Stand Out. In today’s competitive market, it doesn’t hurt to do a little extra preparation to be the best applicant. Recommendation letters from former landlords, employers, and even teachers can be submitted, and will make you appear reliable and trustworthy.

Attention freelancers or full-time students!

Whatever your situation might be, if you cannot meet one or more of these requirements, connect with one of agents and see what we can do. We always have a way to make it work!

Neighborhoods We Service

Bushwick. The literal translation means “little town in the woods,” but don’t let that fool you. It has become a bustling cultural utopia for students, young professionals, and artists. Bushwick is nestled right beneath Queens and the right of Williamsburg, just far enough inland to make it one of the more “affordable” areas to live in the borough. The population is largely Puerto Rican and Dominican families living in converted warehouse lofts, brownstones, limestone-brick townhouses and other renovated buildings. With the excellent subway system, you are never more than 20 minutes away from Manhattan.

Williamsburg. An influential hub for indie rock, hipster culture, and the local art community. Positioned right along on the waterfront, the view of Manhattan are nothing short of amazing! Along with the vibrant bar and music scene, this area has exploded in the past few years as the most desired place to live in Brooklyn. The community offers a wide variety of cultures with no specific majority, a true melting pot of America. The Bedford stop off the L train has become the most notable destination for locals and tourists alike.

Bed-Stuy. Bedford-Stuyvesant is the neighborhood’s full name. It borders Williamsburg to the north, Clinton Hill to the west, Bushwick to the east, and Crown Heights to the south. The strong community and abundant brownstone townhouses in the neighborhood contribute to its growth and charm. Bed-Stuy also offers slightly better transportation than its neighbors with access to AC, G, and JMZ. Not to mention the influx of new cafes, restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, galleries, and wine bars have turned Bed-Stuy into a new destination spot for all kinds.

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